We help aspiring designers and experts to build the career and future that they have always dreamed of so that they can live a lifestyle that they want and achieve Peace of Mind, Financial Freedom and a Career for Life.


Top 3 Mistakes, Experts, Designers and Entrepreneurs make that keep them out of career and what they can do about it.


You can watch from Mobile, Laptop or Desktop


240+ Video Lessons, PDFs, Checklists and Tools

120+ HOURS

120+ Hours Of Video Based Learning.



Hinglish (Comfortable mix of Hindi and English)


You can watch anytime as per your comfort.


You can watch videos as many times as you want


Lifetime access to the portal which you can use anytime


You will get a certificate on completion of course.

  • You will learn how to attend runway shows, brand showrooms, and various fashion industry events to keep apprised of the latest trends and styles
  • You will be able to Research the fashion of previous eras (via magazines, movies, or an old lookbook) to design a period-appropriate aesthetic
  • You will be able to Source clothing from a nationwide array of brands and manufacturers
  • You will be able to Consult models, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, costume designers, brand creative directors, and art directors, magazine editors, and film and TV directors
  • You will be able to work with public figures to craft a personal visual aesthetic. This may include personal shopping and serving in the role of a personal stylist
  • You will be able to assist clothing buyers for major retail chains
  • You will be able to contribute to the creation of millions, if not billions of pieces of clothing and accessories purchased by consumers 
  • You will be able to create women's, men's and children's apparel. This includes Sportswear, maternity wear, outerwear, underwear, formal-wear, eye-wear and footwear.
  • You will be able to use new technologies such as body-scanning for a better custom fit  or seamless knitting technologies that can produce clothing with just a simple push of a button.


(Celebrity Fashion Designer)

 "Fashion is all about celebrating trends and standing out from the rest. So many years of experience have taken me through various creative stages of fashion technology. I am more than happy to be a part of such an amazing experience of teaching to the young designers and be a part of their career. Indian Design League has been a great platform for young aspiring Fashion and Interior Designers to come together and enjoy the teaching learning process from industry experts and celebrity designers. Sharing my experiences, my inspirations, the way I develop creations from the abstracts has been a great experience."


(Celebrity Fashion Designer & Stylist)

"Designing and styling has been a part of my life from a very early age and has been a great support and encouragement for my work. Fashion is about knowing what you like and then designing the best out of your understanding. I have been a part of many shows, fashion shows, events where we had to focus on what the character is about and how the story revolves and then design accordingly. Designing is all about knowing the back story. Before starting off anything first know your own wardrobe and body shape and see what you like. It has been such a great opportunity to share all my experiences with the students and make them ready for the industry out there. I get extremely happy when I get to connect with such aspiring Designers, and be a small part of their careers and I thank Indian Design League for that. Cheers to the Webinars, live sessions, online Internship for the students."


(Actor & Grooming Expert)

"It's an interesting opportunity to be a part of Indian Design League and enlighten the students with industry experience and make them ready for their career. The pandemic has created a huge difference in the learning process of the students and Indian Design League created a platform for an uninterrupted flow of education from the experts and celebrity designers. The students should understand how virtual reality will add up to their experiences and I am glad that I got to address them for the same."



"There is a Fitness Revolution, we are moving towards a world which is fit, stylish, and confident... 

Being a fashion model I understand the peer and mental pressure to stay fit and healthy, the youth goes through the same these days. IDL was an opportunity for me to connect with the Creative Minds and enlighten them on health, fitness and style- the 3 elements of confidence.
It was such a great opportunity to address the youngsters about keeping up with the busy schedule with a fitness regime. I conducted a webinar  named #You, which basically was an interactive session on self-care, self-esteem, and the things required for it like fitness, health, sense of style, and likewise. It's been one of a kind thing to connect with young and aspiring designers and share with them some personal and professional experiences."


(Lakme Fashion Week Designer)

"Fashion is all about forecasting art and predicting trends. Being a Lakme Fashion Week designer, forecasting trends is my ritual.
It was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of IDL - Indian Design League and enlighten the students with my experience and expertise. Tips and tricks in fashion are very necessary for young and aspiring Designers to create their path to achieving wonders. It's an amazing and new experience for me as well as the students to teach, learn, ideate, and create something new."


(Lakme Fashion Week Designer)

"Fashion is directly related to fabrics… Fabrics are the core of fashion, thus having a deep and detailed study about the fabrics is the most important thing for the Fashion Designer. After designing for Lakme Fashion Weeks, one thing that I have understood is fabrics can help you create trends. 
Thus it was a splendid Experience with IDL -Indian Design League to address the students with various different fabrics and it's patterns.. It's a great platform to enlighten the students and make them ready for the industry out there. I am honoured to be a part of such an amazing platform."


(Fashion Model)

"It's all about how you present yourself... Being in the Fashion world makes us be up to the mark and that's what it's all about. Not only the fashion world but the real realm out there needs a better and confident you, which needs a little bit of grooming...Groom yourself, present yourself and stand out from others. It's all about knowing what's right and what you like. Indian Design League with the e-learning  initiative conducted  webinars that help aspiring Designers to be a part of this process of learning from experts and their experiences. It's been a great opportunity for me to be a part of the webinar series and enlighten the students with the grooming tales."


(Fashion Show Choreographer & Grooming Expert) )


"Fashion is one of the hottest career choices. Fashion is the most searched profession on the internet and has a greater impact on the youth. The amount of hard work and smart work that goes behind those trend setting fashion shows and weeks is tremendous.
It's the glam that attracts but later becomes the finest choice as the creator in you starts evolving to create something unique. It's all about small steps leading to bigger milestones and we should consider ourselves lucky to be a part of Indian Design League and nurturing the learning experiences from the experts and their experiences. I am glad to be a part of such a great platform and teach the students all the aspects of fashion and how it serves to be a best career choice."


Rs. 24000


  • 240+ Technical Videos (Fashion Design)
  • Live Community Access
  • Lifetime Access
  • Professional Certificate in Fashion Design
  • 120+ Live-casts With Industry Experts
  • 254+ Live Zoom Classes (5 Days A Week)
  • Classroom Training (1 Year)


LUMPSUM : INR. 24000

INSTALLMENTS : INR.10000* 3 (Months) = INR. 30000



Rs. 54000


  • 240+ Technical Videos (Fashion Design)
  • Live Community Access
  • Lifetime Access
  • Professional Certificate in Fashion Design
  • 120+ Live-casts With Industry Experts
  • 254+ Live Zoom Classes (5 Days A Week)
  • Classroom Training (1 year)


LUMPSUM : INR. 54000

INSTALLMENTS : INR.10000* 6 (Months) = INR. 60000



Rs. 99000


  • 240+ Technical Videos (Fashion Design)
  • Live Community Access
  • Lifetime Access
  • Professional Certificate in Fashion Design
  • 120+ Live-casts With Industry Experts
  • 254+ Live Zoom Classes (5 Days A Week)
  • Classroom Training (1 Year)


LUMPSUM : INR. 99000

INSTALLMENTS : INR.18000* 6 (Months) = INR. 180000




City of Oxford College, UK London is the international brand of Activate Learning, and builds on its own successes of over 60 years of vocational education in Oxford. The Oxford-based group delivers career-focused learning.

City of Oxford College, UK London trains students in secondary, further and higher education, apprenticeships and workforce skills with the clear purpose to transform lives through learning, and set a clear line of sight to employment. The reputation is founded on the ability to deliver highly employable people, well-prepared for success in the working environment.

We at Indian Design League, are extremely proud and honor to have a technical collaboration with City Of Oxford College, UK London wherein we are offering 1 year diploma and 2 years advanced diploma in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Event Management and Animation.






Get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful Fashion Designers. These are powerful tactics that most successful fashion designers used… and they can work for you, too.

IDL has shared complete step-by-step structure to help you become a fashion expert and achieve name, fame and money fast. Training is supported by Videos, Live Webinars & Case Studies, PDF Sheets, Tools and Resources.


  • Session 1: Dress Up In Right Colour
  • Session 2 : Colour Categories and Colour Wheel
  • Session 3 : Colour Values
  • Session 4 : Colour Schemes
  • Session 5 : Colour Psychology
  • Session 6 : Session Cultural Significance Of Colours
  • Session 7 : Create The Look You Like With Lines
  • Session 8 : Techniques Of Repetitions
  • Session 9 : Principles Of Design - 1
  • Session 10 : Principles Of Design - 2
  • Session 11 : Silhouettes
  • Session 12 : Textures
  • Session 13 : Patterns


  • Session 14 : Dress From Basics
  • Session 15 : Types of Dress Form And Dress Form Terminology
  • Session 16 : Muslin Types and Uses
  • Session 17 : Draping Of 1-dart Basic Bodice
  • Session 18 : Draping Of Back Basic Bodice
  • Session 19 : Draping Of Basic Skirt
  • Session 20 : Draping Of 2-dart Basic Bodice
  • Session 21 : Draping Of Circular Skirt
  • Session 22 : Draping Of Cowl Neckline
  • Session 23 : Draping Of Dartless Bodice
  • Session 24 : Draping A Basic Dress
  • Session 25 : Draping A Cascade Top
  • Session 26 : Draping A Bias Dress
  • Session 27 : Draping Of Wrap Top


  • Session 28 : Tracing Of Design
  • Session 29 : Running Stitch And Its Variation
  • Session 30 : Chain and Its Variation [Cable, Magic, Open] Lazy Daisy
  • Session 31 : Buttonhole And Its Variation [Long And Short, Wheel, Full Circle, Half Circle]
  • Session 32 : Couching
  • Session 33 : Fly, Feather, Fern
  • Session 34 : Herringbone, Cross Stitch
  • Session 35 : Bullion, French Knot And Variations
  • Session 36 : Satin, Shaded, Spider Stitch
  • Session 37 : Mirror Work And Variations
  • Session 38 : Sequins Work
  • Session 39 : Beads And Zardozi Work
  • Session 40 : Ribbon Work
  • Session 41 : Applique And Patchwork
  • Session 42 : Cut Work Embroidery


  • Session 43 : Mechanical Croquis
  • Session 44 : Fleshing In Mechanical Croquis
  • Session 45 : Sketching Side Poses
  • Session 46 : Sketching 3/4th Poses And Rendering Skin
  • Session 47 : Sketching Poses - Hands and Legs Variations
  • Session 48 : Sketching Hairstyles
  • Session 49 : Sketching Facial Features and Rendering Face
  • Session 50 : Different Poses / Views Of Face Side, 3/4th Etc.
  • Session 51 : Sketching Fitted Clothes
  • Session 52 : Sketching Loose Clothes
  • Session 53 : Sketching Ethnic Wear
  • Session 54 : Rendering Casual Wear
  • Session 55 : Rendering Beach Wear
  • Session 56 : Rendering Layered/Gathered Dress
  • Session 57 : Rendering Ethnic Dress
  • Session 58 : Rendering Winter Wear
  • Session 59 : Rendering White Wedding Dress
  • Session 60 : Rendering Sareer
  • Session 61 : Rendering Evening Dress
  • Session 62 : Rendering Lehenga


  • Session 63 : Basics Of Tie & Dye
  • Session 64 : Marbling Effect, Knotting Effect, Pleating Effect (Single Dye & Shaded)
  • Session 65 : Bandhej / Bandhini Effect And Modern Variations
  • Session 66 : Shibori Technique
  • Session 67 : Natural Dyeing Process
  • Session 68 : Basics Of Smocking
  • Session 69 : Variation Of Smocking
  • Session 70 : Modern Technique Smocking
  • Session 71 : Batik
  • Session 72 : Block Printing
  • Session 73 : Stencil Printing
  • Session 74 : Quilting
  • Session 75 : Basics Of Fabric Painting
  • Session 76 : Variations Of Fabric Painting
  • Session 77 : Needle Point


  • Session 78 : Pattern Making
  • Session 79 : How To Take Body Measurements
  • Session 80 : Pattern Making Tools
  • Session 81 : Basic Sleeves With Its Variations
  • Session 82 : Necklines & Its Variations
  • Session 83 : Basic Kurta
  • Session 84 : Basic Salwar
  • Session 85 : Basic Chudidar
  • Session 86 : Patiala
  • Session 87 : Pallazo
  • Session 88 : Basic Skirt
  • Session 89 : Pleated Skirt With Yoke
  • Session 90 : Umbrella Skirt
  • Session 91 : Cape
  • Session 92 : Anarkali
  • Session 93 : Four Tucks Blouse
  • Session 94 : Princess Line Blouse


  • Session 95 : Introduction To Textiles
  • Session 96 : Fibre Classification
  • Session 97 : Cotton - Processing, Properties And Uses
  • Session 98 : Linen- Processing, Properties and Uses
  • Session 99 : Jute - Processing, Properties and Uses
  • Session 100 : Leaf Fibers- Processing, Properties and Uses
  • Session 101 : Wool - Processing, Properties and Uses
  • Session 102 : Silk - Processing, Properties and Uses
  • Session 103 : Mineral Fibers
  • Session 104 : Polyester and Nylon - Manufacturing, Properties and Uses
  • Session 105 : Acrylic - Manufacturing, Properties and Uses
  • Session 106 : Viscose Rayon - Manufacturing, Properties and Uses
  • Session 107 : Elastomeric Fibers
  • Session 108 : Yarn Introduction
  • Session 109 : Introduction To Basic Weaves
  • Session 110 : Types Of Fabrics


  • Session 111 : Introduction To Knitting
  • Session 112 : Slip on and Cast on
  • Session 113 : Knitting V (Knit Side)
  • Session 114 : Knitting U (Purl Side)
  • Session 115 : Bind Off
  • Session 116 : Stockinette Stitch
  • Session 117 : Rib Stitch
  • Session 118 : Welt Stitch
  • Session 119 : Seed Stitch
  • Session 120 : Addition Of Yarn
  • Session 121 : Horizontal Stripe Pattern Of Colour
  • Session 122 : Verticle Stripe Pattern Of Colour
  • Session 123 : Fair Isle
  • Session 124 : Decrease Loops And Increase Loops For Shaping
  • Session 125 : Products


  • Session 126 : Garment Construction
  • Session 127 : Stitching Tools
  • Session 128 : Basic Sleeve
  • Session 129 : Necklines
  • Session 130 : Basic Kurta
  • Session 131 : Basic Salwar
  • Session 132 : Chudidar
  • Session 133 : Patiyala
  • Session 134 : Palazzo
  • Session 135 : Basic Skirt With Waist Band
  • Session 136 : Pleated Skirt With Yolk
  • Session 137 : Circular Skirt
  • Session 138 : Cape
  • Session 139 : Anarkali
  • Session 140 : Four Tucks Blouse
  • Session 141 : Princess Line Blouse


  • Session 142 : Introduction To Fashion Forecasting
  • Session 143 : Key Roles of Fashion Forecaster
  • Session 144 : Concepts Of Fashion Forecasting
  • Session 145 : Innovation & Novelty
  • Session 146 : Fashion Forecasting Theories
  • Session 147 : Forecasting Methods
  • Session 148 : Fashion Eras
  • Session 149 : Influence Of Global Fashion
  • Session 150 : Subcultural Fashion
  • Session 151 : Colour And Textile Forecasting
  • Session 152 : Inspiration, Theme and Mood
  • Session 153 : Consumer Research


  • Session 154 : What is Visual Merchandising
  • Session 155 : History Of Visual Merchandising
  • Session 156 : Role Of A Visual Merchandise
  • Session 157 : Principles Of Design and Composition in VM
  • Session 158 : Themes and Styles
  • Session 159 :Layout & Elevations in VM
  • Session 160 : Materials
  • Session 161 :Props and Decor
  • Session 162 : Mannequin Styling
  • Session 163 : Lighting
  • Session 164 :Branding and Signage
  • Session 165 : Case Studies
  • Session 166 : Budget, Sourcing & Preparation


  • Session 167 : Introduction To Tools 1
  • Session 168 : Introduction To Tools 2
  • Session 169 : Basic Editing Of Pictures
  • Session 170 : Application Of Filters
  • Session 171 : Image Manipulation
  • Session 172 : Use Of Text Tool
  • Session 173 : Layer Masking
  • Session 174 : Creating Fashion Looks
  • Session 175 : Application Of Makeup


  • Bonus 1 : LIVE Webinars Every Month With Industry Experts
  • Bonus 2 : Webinar Recordings for Lifetime
  • Bonus 3 : Free E-Book - The Quintessential Handbook For The Budding Fashion Designer
  • Bonus 4 : Lifetime Access To Our Portal

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful Fashion Designers. These are powerful tactics that most successful fashion designers used… and they can work for you, too.

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful Fashion Designers. These are powerful tactics that most successful fashion designers used… and they can work for you, too.


(Fashion Design- IDL)

I am very glad to be a part of IDL (fashion designing) . It's super fun learning from home, and I am happy that we can study as per our convenience and time. The teachers are always available to clear the doubts and provide us help. The career counsellors at IDL are also very good, in-fact I am really thankful to them for helping me out in choosing the right field. Today, it is because of IDL that I plan to open my own boutique and launch my own label. The blended learning via video sessions and webinars at IDL are a thing. The webinars conducted help us discover the real fashion industry. Also, the practicals, given after every video, help us explore more of our skills learned, and help us in making the most of our career. Fashion Design is a practical field and the assignments given on IDL towards the end of every module video help us explore the practicality of the field.”


(Fashion Design - IDL)

“I had found the High Performance Youth Summit- a virtual event conducted by IDL very enlightening and more than that very inspiring and motivating. The influential personalities, like Nitin Desai Sir, Sabbas Joseph Sir, highly motivated me, to explore and learn more. For me as I got to learn a lot. Also, the webinars, I loved the Basics of Embroidery webinar, which was very amazing and I loved to see the beautiful designs of embroidery, which I later was able to embroider all by myself. Also, the art of calligraphy webinar was a new skill I got to learn. I am really proud to be a student of IDL.  I am really bad at painting, but the teachers are so good that with their advice, and some practice, I’ m getting better at it. Doing the assignments has been fun, thankyou IDL."


(Fashion Design - IDL)

“I am truly blessed to have an opportunity to pursue an Online Fashion Design Course. All thanks to team IDL for this amazing platform. All the webinars that I have attended through this platform have been helpful specially the one where I had an opportunity to interact with the famous Bollywood Designer- Mr. Vikram Phadnis.
It was so much fun interacting with this Maestro, where he shared his real life experiences, his hustles before the Fashion Weeks, the way he creates from the abstracts and how he caters to the client briefs.
It is because of IDL that I have started my freelance business, of designing for my friends and relatives. It is fun to be independent! Thank you IDL for giving me an opportunity to enhance my skills...”


(Fashion Design - IDL)

“A big Thank You to IDL, the E-Learning platform which changed my life forever. Pursuing Fashion Design was just a dream, until amidst the lockdown I was able to embrace my passion comfortably from home with IDL.  Not only that I got a chance to attend and interact with Celebrity Fashion Designer and Stylist Ken Ferns sir who was an amazing mentor and shared his experience, expertise with us through a webinar. The sessions were very lucrative, motivating and supportive. This helped us to come up with powerful concepts and unique ideas in terms of design and style as well. Due to the lectures and assignments, we got to showcase our own work and got valuable insights into it. This helped me develop clarity on my own concepts and ideas.”


(Fashion Design - IDL)

“Being a Fashion Design student it is very essential for us to know all the categories of clothing and we should be well aware of all the steps that we should keep in our mind before making a collection. IDL is one such platform that has helped me see things with clarity. The Webinars, grooming programmes, have helped me develop my technical skills and my soft skills as well. I thank IDL for opening up various opportunities for me even during the time of lockdown…”