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  • Module 1. Fundamentals of Event Management

    Get into the groove of the Event Industry by learning the Basics !! Explore the world of opportunities and talent that Event Industry inculcates with this module from the basics.

  • Module 2. Communication Skills

    Being successful in Event Management is multifaceted, it is much more about just communicating with your team, you need much more than that. Explore Communication Skills here

  • Module 3. Client and Vendor Management

    This module is a complete guide to Vendor and Client Management - It's benefits, challenges, process, and best practices all well-crafted for you.

  • Module 4. Event Marketing and Sponsorship

    In this world full of clutter, breakthrough the minds of your consumers and make yourself etched with effective Sponsorship & Event marketing Program.

  • Module 5. Event Sales
    Event sales are critical to your event success. Learn tried and tested methods for building your own effective database and connect with your TA.

  • Module 6. Photography and Videography
    Not just for clients, but Event photography and videography is a crucial marketing device in that it can open you up to more publicity opportunities. Learn all about it here.

  • Module 7.FnB and Hospitality
    FnB and Hospitality is one of the largest expenses for events. Learn the importance and reason why events fall into the greater hospitality industry.

  • Module 8. Importance of Design and Branding
    Branding is more than just your logo or a catchy tagline. Get answers to what is event branding? Is it a specific color you use? The font on a banner? Swag bags?

  • Module 9. Event Execution
    Event-planning can be exciting but the execution is so complicated. This module covers all the event elements from logistics to volunteers.

  • Module 10. Specialisation in Corporate Events and Personal Events
    Its time to be the master of Corporate and Personal Events. Know about the type, expectations and case studies in this field.

  • Module 11. Specialisation in Social Events and Political Events
    Social and Political Events are the New-Hit of the Event Industry. Know everything about this genre.

  • Module 12. Specialisation in Sports Events and Wedding planning
    Not just IPL or Just Ambani Wedding, this event genre is more than everything you can imagine. Dig deep to lead.

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