We help aspiring designers and experts to build the career and future that they have always dreamed of so that they can live a lifestyle that they want and achieve Peace of Mind, Financial Freedom and a Career for Life.


Top 3 Mistakes, Experts, Designers and Entrepreneur make that keep them out of career and what they can do about it.


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240+ Video Lessons, PDFs, Checklists and Tools

120+ HOURS

120+ Hours Of Video Based Learning.


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You can watch anytime as per your comfort.


You can watch videos as many times as you want


Lifetime access to the portal which you can use anytime


You will get a certificate on completion of course.

  • You will be able to create spaces that are attractive, functional, and safe while meeting the specific needsof each client
  • You will be able to create a combination of practical and professional workplaces, and also try to incorporate elements of a company's brand withing their design.
  • You will be able to create spaces, especially work environments, that contribute to good heath and posture for employees confined to offices for most of the day.
  • You will be able to Consult clients, contractors and builders etc.
  • You will be able to negotiate with various industry experts in their procurement of products and installation of materials, such as structural engineers when commissioning a light fitting or Asbestos reports before commissioning wall panelling
  • You will be able to work closely with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers,  and construction laborers.
  • You will be able to produce designs, plans, and drawings for construction and installation.
  • You will be able to sketch preliminary design plans, including electrical and partition layouts.


(Art Director)

“Designing is a dedicated process and Interior designing is not just limited to houses and commercials. Today's Interior Designing world has many career prospects to discover from. Set designing is one of them. Set Designing for films also takes a lot of creativity and forations. Students are the best part of our journey and they have a tremendous impact on our lives as young minds, they're naive, they have great imagination power, thus making their base strong and moulding their skills to the best of their potentials has become the need of the hour. IDL - Indian Design League is a great platform for the young aspiring Designers and could make a positive difference in their lives in todays’ youths way, the comfortable way."


(Interior Designer & Architect)

"Being an Interior Designer is a tough job and it requires a lot of patience and expertise, I wish all the best to all the students of Indian Design League and express that I am glad to be a part of such amazing webinars and zoom sessions and could enlighten the aspiring Interior Designers to be a part of such an amazing industry that creates beautiful spaces to live-in. I am glad to address the students about my experiences throughout these years and share some insightful thoughts and facts about Interiors, so that they can create mindful spaces throughout life."


(Interior Designer & Retail Executive)

"To create an interior, a designer must develop an overall concept to achieve it all. Teaching students the important aspects of interior designing and taking them towards a trail of success that is the best part of being a part of the webinar series. This is a great initiative by Indian Design League where I got to share years of experience with technicalities and address the students' ways and processes to be a good Interior Designer."


(Interior Designer)

"Interior Designing works the way our Creativity takes us. We do not have style anything but have to still look out of the box. It's an art, a science of measurement and an understanding of how a person wants to live. I am glad to be part of the webinar series that takes our students to the next level of learning experience and closer to achieving their dreams. Indian Design League with such a wonderful platform has given the students and aspiring Interior Designers a chance to learn from the experts the technicality of designing and develop as a designer from their experiences."


(Interior Designer)

"Home a space of living connected to emotions and habits. Interior Designers construct a livable space depending upon the trend and taste of people. Indian Design League -IDL has created a wonderful platform for the students to understand the most important factor of interior designing that is residential interior designing. I am glad I got a chance to share my experiences and expertise with the students and enlighten them with the joys and challenges of Interior Designing."


Rs. 24000

  • 240+ Technical Videos (Interior Design)
  • Live Community Access
  • Lifetime Access
  • Professional Certificate in Interior Design
  • 120+ Live-casts With Industry Experts
  • 254+ Live Zoom Classes (5 Days A Week)
  • Classroom Training (1 Year)


LUMPSUM : INR. 24000





City of Oxford College, UK London is the international brand of Activate Learning, and builds on its own successes of over 60 years of vocational education in Oxford. The Oxford-based group delivers career-focused learning.

City of Oxford College, UK London trains students in secondary, further and higher education, apprenticeships and workforce skills with the clear purpose to transform lives through learning, and set a clear line of sight to employment. The reputation is founded on the ability to deliver highly employable people, well-prepared for success in the working environment.

We at Indian Design League, are extremely proud and honor to have a technical collaboration with City Of Oxford College, UK London wherein we are offering 1 year diploma and 2 years advanced diploma in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Event Management and Animation.






Get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful Interior Designers. These are powerful tactics that most successful Interior designers used… and they can work for you, too.

IDL has shared complete step-by-step structure to help you become an Interior expert and achieve name, fame and money fast. Training is supported by Videos, Live Webinars & Case Studies, PDF Sheets, Tools and Resources.


  • Session 1: What is colour? Why colour is important in an designing field?
  • Session 2 : Colour theory
  • Session 3 : Colour mixing
  • Session 4 : Delve into the fascinating cultural significance of colour
  • Session 5 : How to use colour harmony to confidently create bold effective colour schemes
  • Session 6 : : Learn to choose colours that makes you feel good & put together your own colour journal or storyboard
  • Session 7 : Learn different types of paints available in market
  • Session 8 : Water proofing solution
  • Session 9 : Basics of painting tool
  • Session 10 : Wall painting system/methods
  • Session 11 : Wall and surface preparation
  • Session 12 : Wall textures
  • Session 13 : Smart painting tips
  • Session 14 : DIY Textures Part 1
  • Session 15 :  DIY Textures Part 2
  • Session 16 : DIY Textures Part 3
  • Session 17: DIY Textures Part 4
  • Session 18 : Software Asian colour pro-spectra
  • Session 19 : Painting as career & interacting with consumers
  • Session 20 : Safety & health


  • Session 21 : About Design
  • Session 22 : Principles and elements of design
  • Session 23 : Anthropometry and Ergonomics
  • Session 24 : Design process
  • Session 25 : Form and Spaces
  • Session 26 : Organization of spaces
  • Session 27 : Circulations of space
  • Session 28 : Proportion and scale
  • Session 29 : Presentation Boards
  • Session 30 : Orientations in interior design
  • Session 31 : Circulations of space
  • Session 32 : Presentation boards
  • Session 33 : Orientations in interior design
  • Session 34 : Spatial planning (Space Planning)
  • Session 35 : Aesthetics in interior design
  • Session 36 : Fenestration in interior design


  • Session 37 : Introduction to design styles and history
  • Session 38 : Trends, and attributes
  • Session 39 : Modern & mid - century design styles
  • Session 40 : Contemporary & minimalist
  • Session 41 : Shabby chic
  • Session 42 : Industrial & rustic
  • Session 43 : Traditional & transitional style
  • Session 44 : Bohemian & Mediterranean style
  • Session 45 : Bollywood & Hollywood glam
  • Session 46 : Coastal / Hamptons/ Nautical style
  • Session 47 : Classical style (English, Gothic, Baroque, Greek, Roman, German, Victorian, Egyptian)
  • Session 48 : The Constructivism/craftsman style
  • Session 49 : The Vintage & retro style
  • Session 50 : The art nouveau & art deco style
  • Session 51 : The African & Moroccan style
  • Session 52 : The avant-garde style
  • Session 53: Asian Zen
  • Session 54 : Understanding styles & styling - predictions & forecasts
  • Session 55 : Blending styles & ornamentation


  • Session 56 : Intro to world history
  • Session 57 : : Chinese architecture
  • Session 58 : Egyptian architecture
  • Session 59 : Greek and Roman architecture
  • Session 60 : Gothic architecture
  • Session 61 : Italian renaissance
  • Session 62 : French renaissance
  • Session 63 : English renaissance
  • Session 64 : English baroque
  • Session 65 : Queen Anne
  • Session 66 : Temples of architecture
  • Session 67 : : Dravidian style
  • Session 68 : Jain architecture
  • Session 69 : Mughal architecture
  • Session 70 :Akbar
  • Session 71 : Jehangir
  • Session 72 : Shahjahan
  • Session 73 : The emergence of Indo
  • Session 74 : Rendering Evening Dress


  • Session 75 : What is visual merchandising?
  • Session 76 : : History of visual merchandising
  • Session 77 : Role of a visual merchandiser
  • Session 78 : Principles of design and composition in VM
  • Session 79 : Layout & elevations in VM
  • Session 80 : Materials
  • Session 81 : Mannequin styling
  • Session 82 : Lighting
  • Session 83 : Branding & signage
  • Session 84 : Case studies
  • Session 85 : Budget, sourcing, preparation


  • Session 86 : Introduction to materials
  • Session 87 : Bricks
  • Session 88 : Stones
  • Session 89 : Metals
  • Session 90 : Concrete
  • Session 91 : Tiles
  • Session 92 : Wood
  • Session 93 : Fabric
  • Session 94 : Glass
  • Session 95 : Carpet and rug
  • Session 96 : Paneling Material:
  • Session 97 : Combination of material:
  • Session 98 : Wallpapers
  • Session 99 : Window covering
  • Session 100 : Accessories
  • Session 101 : Solid surfaces
  • Session 102 : Epoxy resin
  • Session 103 : Paints


  • Session 104 : Introduction to furniture design
  • Session 105 : History Of Furniture Design
  • Session 106 : Basics Of Carpentry
  • Session 107 : Carpentry joints and its methodology
  • Session 108 : Anthropometry data for furniture design
  • Session 109 : Evolution of Indian furniture design
  • Session 110 : Modular furniture
  • Session 111 : Modular furniture in residential spaces
  • Session 112 : : Modular furniture in offices
  • Session 113 : Carpentry vs modular
  • Session 114 : Who will benefit from modular design
  • Session 115 :Logistics, economics, and warranties


  • Session 116 : Introduction to service system
  • Session 117 : Water supply system
  • Session 118 : Drainage System
  • Session 119 : Essentials Of Drainage System
  • Session 120 : Openings and Ventilation
  • Session 121 : Air conditioning system
  • Session 122 : Fire protection system
  • Session 123 : Lifts and elevators
  • Session 124 : : Insulating materials
  • Session 125 : Acoustics and sound proofing
  • Session 126 : Lighting
  • Session 127 : Electrical drawings
  • Session 128 : LPG, solar heaters and refuse chute system


  • Session 129 : : Interior Designer
  • Session 130 : Career opportunities
  • Session 131 : Professional Ethics
  • Session 132 : Independent practice set-up
  • Session 133 : Site management
  • Session 134 : Tenders
  • Session 135 : Classification of tender
  • Session 136 : Business forms - Part 1
  • Session 137 : Business forms - Part 2
  • Session 138 : The client
  • Session 139 : Procedure of execution
  • Session 140 : Estimating, costing and analysis rates
  • Session 141 : Specification
  • Session 142 : How to measure site?
  • Session 143 : What basics you should know before doing any estimation and how to calculate estimate for paint?
  • Session 144 : How to calculate estimate for false ceiling?
  • Session 145 : How to calculate estimate for flooring?
  • Session 146 : How to calculate estimate for overhead cabinet?
  • Session 147 : How to calculate estimate for openable wardrobe?
  • Session 148 : How to calculate estimate for glass door?


  • Session 149 : History of vastu-shastra
  • Session 150 : Principles of vastu-shastra
  • Session 151: Feng-shui in residential spaces
  • Session 152 : Feng Shui for kitchen, dining and home garden:
  • Session 153 : Vastu shastra in residential spaces (Part 1)
  • Session 154 : Vastu shastra in residential spaces (Part 2)
  • Session 155 : Colours of your spaces according to feng shui and vastu shastra:
  • Session 156 : Feng Shui in official spaces
  • Session 157 : Vastu Shastra in official spaces
  • Session 158 : What objects to put and what to avoid in feng shui and vastu shastra
  • Session 159 : How does feng shui and vastu shastra effect health, wealth and education
  • Session 160 : What is the difference in feng shui and vastu shastra
  • Session 161 : Can feng shui correct vastu shastra dosh
  • Session 162 : Is feng shui and vastu shastra a viable profession in the modern times


  • Session 163 : Introduction to interior construction
  • Session 164 : Bricks Masonary
  • Session 165 : Lintels and arches
  • Session 166 : Building Section
  • Session 167 : Joinery
  • Session 168 :Types of Doors
  • Session 169 : Types of Windows
  • Session 170 :Staircase
  • Session 171 : Partition & Panelling
  • Session 172 : Material Signs & Symbols
  • Session 173 :False ceiling
  • Session 174 : Hardware


  • Session 175 : What is sketch-up and how do interior designers use it
  • Session 176 : Getting Started
  • Session 177 : Exploring the interface
  • Session 178 : Modeling part 1
  • Session 179 : Modeling part 2
  • Session 180 : Drafting & modeling
  • Session 181 : Modeling of room
  • Session 182 : Materials
  • Session 183 : Vray materials
  • Session 184 : Lighting
  • Session 185 : Interior rendering setting
  • Session 186 : Projects in sketch-up course


  • Bonus 1 : LIVE Webinars Every Month With Industry Experts
  • Bonus 2 : Webinar Recordings for Lifetime
  • Bonus 3 : Free E-Book - The Quintessential Handbook For The Budding Interior Designer
  • Bonus 4 : Lifetime Access To Our Portal

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful Interior Designers. These are powerful tactics that most successful Interior designers used… and they can work for you, too.

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful Interior Designers. These are powerful tactics that most successful Interiorvdesigners used… and they can work for you, too.


(Interior Design- IDL)

“I am very happy to be a part of the IDL family.... I am a great fan of the webinars they conduct; it gives me an opportunity to explore the real world. My favourite webinars are Set Design Webinar by industry expert Namrata Parikh Ma’am and Grooming program conducted by Abyangh Kuwalekar Sir.... The details and real-life incidences explained in the set design webinar are something that I will always remember throughout my life.
All the webinars are good and well explained.... Really very happy to be a part of Indian design League. Each and every video is so well explained, even the practical knowledge given is so well portrayed with the dos and don’ts that we really don’t need to take any extra effort to learn it. It’s just a click away with IDL. My favourite topic is about colour theory, colour mixtures, painting format… I plan to pursue Set Design as my career in the future.”


(Interior Design- IDL)

“Firstly, I am very honoured to be a part of this Online Program IDL. I got to learn so much from this program. Although I did not come from an architectural or interior design background, I was not treated differently, the videos and all were so much on point, it helped me embrace my love for Interior Designing. I am now taking with me so much more knowledge and experience that I could have ever imagined, Thankyou IDL, for all the enlightenment and exposure through webinars and online internship programmes.”


(Interior Design - IDL)

“I am a working professional with a Degree in Civil engineering. I was very passionate and interested in Interior Designing and was looking for a course that would cater to my specific needs, as I already have the technical education required. I came across IDL which had this course "Online Certification in Interior Designing" which was spot on and a curated course that met my requirements. 

They have given me full support and extended help during my tenure of the course. 

They also have webinars and online internships with industry experts and celebrity mentors which gave me an insight about the ways of working in the interior industry. I'm extremely happy to be associated with them. Also thankful for enhancing my designing sensibilities in a creative way due to assignments and helping me achieve my goals. Thank you IDL!”


(Interior Design - IDL)

“My learning experience with IDL is one of the best times, especially when lockdown hit us, IDL was my only therapy, in terms of learning what I always loved, i.e. decorating spaces…and here I was doing an Online Interior Design Course which helped me embrace my love for decorating spaces. During my course I also got a chance to do an Online Internship with celebrity interior designer,  Ar. Saket Sethi. It helped me explore and learn about new styles and history of architecture. I'm so glad that IDL gave us this opportunity. Really it was a turning point in my designing style.”


(Interior Design - IDL)

“I am very excited to continue this journey with IDL… The situation at present wants us to learn things through digital platforms, and IDL is making this learning possible. I had lost all hopes when the lockdown happened, but IDL has been a ray of hope for me to work on my passion for decorating spaces. I would love to learn more! During Quarantine Times, productivity mattered the most and IDL has been my source of productivity during those times. It helped me cope-up with my mental health issues and gave me a reason to dream big. A big THANKYOU to IDL , for making this possible, via E-Learning and channelizing the designer inside us.”